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Scanning Reflection EUV Microscope

Demo system is expected to be available on Q4 2019. SREM will be expanded to full-field APMI


  • Printable defect screening with DUV inspection data
    • Applying deep learning algorithm
  • Mask pattern’s aerial image analysis
  • EUV mask lifetime monitoring
  • Repaired pattern verification
  • Compensation phase defect repair process
  • MDA (Mask Defect Avoidance) verification
  • Blind layer verification

Aerial Image Measurement Technology for SREM

*E-SOL patent

  • Conventional APMI

    Conventional  APMI

  • SREM(*Scanning Reflection EUV Microscope)

    SREM*(Scanning Reflection EUV Microscope)

No expensive imaging and illumination Optics needed